09.07.2007 Prague

330 km is the distance between Vienna and Prague. Most of the time we are driving motorway, but when we leave Austria, the motorway becomes bumpy, so we do it slowly. Early in the afternoon we reach our guest house. Here we are pleased about getting a save parking place and because of metro and tram we don't move our car until departure. Not pleased we are baout our room. The equipment is exactly as shown in the internet, but on the photographs the room seems to be large and in the reality it is tiny, too tiny for two persons and a big dog. The lessors offer us a room in the basement, large and well furnished, but without windows, only light shafts. For our Bernese Mountain dog it is ok and so we stay.

The wonderful surrounding makes us forget the problems with our room. Old houses with beautifully restored facades, a wonderful student pub with good and inexpensive dining and delicious beer just in front of our guest house, a large park with areas, where dogs can run unleashed, just some hundred meters away and stops for tram and metro near by. The daily tickets are inexpensive. It's only a pity that even in Prague there are sprayer, who ruin a lot of the elaborately restored facades.


The next morning I first go jogging in the park with my dog Teddy and after breakfast we visit the Prague Castle by tram and metro.

Go jogging with the dog in the morning becomes a daily routine. After breakfast my wife and me continue exploring this exciting city and in between we ride back to our guest house to walk with the dog through the park. Today we explore the Old Town Square and get to know, that a Jazz festival is happening here.

The last day we start a sightseeing tour with bus and ship.