France 2015

From 1985 to 2004 we mostly used to spent our vacations in France in an region around the "Lac de Sainte - Croix", Provence. Two field excursions with pupils had let us to the Camargue before, but now we wanted to take a look on this places without pupils.

I myself like to sail (I own a leisure 17sl), but my wife will never ever come along with me on a leased sailing-yacht. A house boat on france canals however she accepted. The so called crusader tour from Port Cassafières to the walls of Aigues Mortes passing the Canal du Midi, the Etang de Thau and the Canal du Rhône à Sète corresponded perfectly with our expectations. With the "Cirrus A" we found the perfect boat for a couple with dog we thought. This boat however had no septic tank, but this information was not published in the prospects or on the web.


On the way to Aigues Mortes we pass two locks at Agde (Canal du Midi), spend the first night in the harbour of Bouzigues (Etang de Thau) and pass the vertical lift bridge of Frontignan (opening time 8.30h and 16.00h) the next day. The second night we used an anchorage outside somewhere behind Carnon. Finally we reach Aigues Mortes on the third day before noon. Until this time the weather was beautiful. Going back next morning we reach Frontignan about 16.00h and pass the lift bridge in time. Early in the morning we leave Frontignan and notice, that the winds become stronger, so we don't succeed in crossing over the Etang de Thau, but have to make a stop in the harbour of Meze, because the sea is getting to rough. The next day the wheater is a little bit better, so we go on to Agde (Canal du Midi), but the lock of Bagnas near Agde is damaged (driftwood)  because of the storm and so Le Boat brings us to Port Cassafières by taxi next morning.

Our next travel destination is Arles, we also know from field excursions with pupils. Here the weather also is fine and we enjoy the charmingness of this historical roman city for two days.

Chalon-sur-Saône till now for the two of us is only a name we read on the information boards at the autoroute on our way to Southern France. Because we find the way back from Arles to Wildenrath to long without a stopover, we decide to visit this city. The "Hotel Le Saint Rémy" in Saint Rémy near by Chalon turns out to be a homelike family establishment. The day after our arrival it keeps raining and so we do long walks with our dog (Etang Chamaunt, la Thalie ...). The next day the sun is back at least for some hours and so we discover Chalon, a town with two faces. The first we met is the newer town, but we are not impressed by it. Some buildings needs restauration, others a new, but don't match their surroundings. Then we reach the ancient city of Chalon and find it magical.