Mathematics and Computer, which was after my studies again an issue when I in 1982 I got my first advanced math course. When I "Analytic geometry and linear algebra" prepared on the subject, I remembered the book "Linear Algebra with the Computer" by Eberhard Lehmann's hands. On our few computers (Z80 processors), we realized in Alcor Pascal algorithms for matrix computations, which put us in a position to solve tasks that were not solvable with pocket calculators. Later, the Pascal program was replaced by a CAS system (MuPad), which unfortunately is no longer on the market, however. For everyday use, then programs such as "Geogebra" proved more practical, at least in the area of plane geometry and calculus. Although they were not as powerful as a CAS system, but easier for students and teachers to use.

The prolonged hospital stay of a student initiated the writing of some Javascript routines for specific tasks, such as fraction equations or polynomial division. This routines I made available for this student via the Internet. Of course, I have these scripts then also used in the classroom. The area of "mathematics" here is - at the moment - limited to these scripts.



Since the early 80s, I teach at the high school "Gymnasium an der Gartenstraße (Garden Street)" computer science. First, in working groups, and later in normal courses. Since 1986 (after I had attended the relevant trainingmy students were able to choose computer science as a subject for their school leaving examination (Abitur).

One focus of the subject is on the programming. First, Pascal - mostly Turbo-Pascal - was the predominant dialect in the classroom. With the proliferation of object-oriented approach showed that Pascal met its limits here what is in my opinion the same for the Turbo Pascal Delphi successor. So I introduced in 1999 at our school Java as programming language. As a development environment I am using BlueJ, Greenfoot and Netbeans. These programs are in addition to Java to find all free on the Internet.

At this point I will, initially beginning with the introductory phase EF, introduce some teaching projects.



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